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Method and Transform the Health and Faces of your Patients



For the first time ever, Dr. Sam Muslin will be training the methodology and techniques that yield these life changing health and cosmetic results.

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Underbite Correction

Non-Surgical Facelift

Profile Correction

OVERbite Correction

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Provide High-Tech Services and Maximize the Level of the Treatment You Offer

Instead of “patchwork” or highly invasive cosmetic dentistry, you will be able to take your practice to a high level of care by providing bite correction services for overbites, underbites, cross bites and bad bites that is predictable, non-invasive and with much less risk.  Learning this method will improve the quality of your everyday dentistry, which will reduce the number of patients returning to your office due to tooth sensitivity and pain when biting after a recent filling, crown or veneer.  You and your patients will love the idea that you no longer are grinding down healthy teeth, which will greatly increase the number of patients seeking your bite correction services.  Face Lift Dentistry® is the future of bite correction treatment and if you dedicate yourself to an extensive training program, you will be far more successful than you ever dreamed was possible.

What You'll Learn in the Face Lift Dentistry® Training:


The Science behind Face Lift Dentistry®

Learn how Dr. Muslin's Method and proven technology works to correct bad bites without braces, surgery and without grinding down healthy teeth. The key to predictable bite correction is to inflict no pain, to not harm natural teeth and give cosmetic benefits that are clearly beyond porcelain veneers. Learn to give your patients the predictable health benefits of overbite correction, underbite correction and bad bite correction in just a matter of weeks instead of years.


VENLAY® Restorations

Create comfortable bites, younger faces, and improved jawlines while reducing TMJ pain, headaches, neck pain, jaw pain and achieve cosmetic benefits that exceed the expectations of dentistry. To be successful with non-invasive bite correction, the VENLAY® Restorations must be bonded and handled in a very specific way to achieve results that last.


How to use JawTrac®

Understand the ideal jaw position for your patient. See in real-time what you are doing and test the outcome before starting the treatment. The big advantage to this method is that our patients know in advance that this treatment will benefit them before any work to the teeth is started.


The Business Model

How to integrate your new skills into your practice, have the ability to license these trademarks, be the only dentist in your area and do targeted marketing, get patients and grow your skills and your revenue.

What Patients Are Saying:


Overbite Correction

“I like the new shape of my face. I look like a different person. I’m happier and when I smile I like what I see.”

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Anti-aging Dentistry

"When I first came here my face was collapsed. I work for a chain of 7 dental offices and not one of the dentists could help me. I’m very happy that I came here. I couldn’t be more happy." Read more.

Underbite Correction

"Dr. Muslin is a wizard!" 

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